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Ostatnio Dodane / Last Added

The presents my collection of bottle caps.
The origins of collection date back to 2003-2005, when I gathered collection of over 6000 bottle caps from all around the world. A lower level of interest in collecting made me sell the major part of my collection to a collector from Germany.

In November 2015 I decided to return to collecting, but I limited the collection only to Polish bottle caps without factory signs and series/sets from over the World. Initially the collection consisted of 795 polish bottle caps, that left from the previous period.
In March 2016 an amount of polish bottle caps in my collection reached over 1600!
In October 2017 my collection of polish caps exceeded 3000 caps (including polish series caps)

This page presents my collection and stuff intended to exchange: Polish and foreign bottle caps, both beer and non-beer, coasters, but also some stuff not related to Breweriana like: Star Wars cards, sport tickets.

Najlepszy Okaz / Best Caps

My collection of Polish caps
I collect only beer caps,
the factory signs of the caps have no importance
My collection contains over 2200 caps excluding series/sets.
The full list of my caps is available at
Pictures of large part of my collection can be found here

The series/sets collection
It includes caps from beer, coca cola, water, soda and some promotional caps

Click on the picture to see all series/sets

I have in my collection 4500 caps from 201 series.
World Caps: 1 country = 1 beer cap
My goal is to collect at least one beer cap from each country of the World.
The missing list is smaller every month. I am looking for caps from East Timor and Sudan.

Click on the picture to see all my caps
Łukasz Skala
Mysłowice skalcik11 skalcik11 skalcik11
CC.I: 2922

Tel. (+48) 732-882-190
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